Welcome to our wholesale page. You will find here some useful information on how we do business. And if you can't find what you are looking for just drop us a line at hello@thenatureofthings.ie



We enjoy a diverse range of retailers, from home design, eco sustainable gift shops to natural and organic health stores and pharmacies, but also spas and salons.

We welcome especially independent retailers with physical shops and a passion for design, quality and sustainability.  

Note that:

\ we do not sell to large marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay or Etsy.

\ we do not offer drop shipping

\ you need to be in business at least 6 months - especially online retailers - to work with us. This is to ensure your store's values and presentation is aligned with ours.

And please see below the contact options you have depending on your location. We'd love to hear from you!



We currently have distributors in the UK, Norway, The Czech Republic, Switzerland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia. And we are always looking to connect with like-minded organisations that can help us expand to new markets. So please reach out to us if you feel our brand is a good complement to your current offering.


Corporate Gifting / Business Clients

Our products are a great fit for your employees, to support their wellbeing
in the work environment or at home. We have worked with medium and large
organisation and love to design custom gift sets that your teams will enjoy. Contact us at hello@thenatureofthings.ie to learn more.


Natural practitioners

If you are an aromatherapist, a naturopath or another health practitioner and
want to use our oils with your patients, please contact us for a 25% discount
code. We will only require some basic credentials: your website address and/or a copy of your license.


contact details for each region

Ireland and Europe

If you are based in Ireland or the rest of Europe, please email us directly at benoit@thenatureofthings.ie and we will connect you with the right contact + share all the information you need to get started.



If you are based in the UK, please contact directly our distributor Green Pioneer using this link


US, Canada, Australia

US and Canadian retailers can buy from us via the Faire marketplace and take advantage of free shipping and payment conditions


Hong Kong & Taiwan

Please contact us at benoit@thenatureofthings.ie and we will connect you with our distributors there.


Asia & Pacific

Retailers from the rest of Asia can find us on the Peeba marketplace and take advantage of free shipping and other payment conditions